Online Gambling vs Land Based Casinos: Pros and Cons

In the last decade, online gambling is winning the industry. It seems more people are getting into online gambling. We can definitely understand those who are choosing online gambling over traditional, because it is about the comfort. Here we will disclose cons and pros about online gambling. Keep in mind, regardless of the points mentioned, online gambling can never be considered as a job, or a constant stream of income.

Land-based Casinos and Online Casinos: The Difference

If we try to remember when is the start of the gambling industry, we cannot. It dates back to many years to when land-based casinos existed. Nowadays, however, the advancement of technology leaves virtually no reason to go to a physical casino. We now have a great number of online casinos that are winning over physical ones.

Online casinos are simple to understand. Those are casinos that are operated in your personal phone. Since the technology advancement, you can play your favorite games in real time and win money from the comfort of your own.

Land-based casino, in contrary, is a casino that you can actually visit. The history of land-based casinos goes back to many years ago. Land-based casinos offer wide variety games and add-on entertainment on spot. Usually those who like to visit land-based casinos are the ones that enjoy not only the process of betting, but also the entertainment happening around them such as dress code, etiquette, dancing women and etc.

Pros of Online Gambling

When we talk about online gambling, we should mention that it comes with a lot of pros, which is the reason that it gets so much attention.


When you are playing online casino, your privacy is fully protected. While the casino has your information, including possibly your passport information, nobody else knows you are playing a particular online casino. Be attentive though, you have to choose a safe online casino to play, otherwise they might use your information is shady and unpleasant ways.

Entertainment as Hobby

In this day and age, there are too many things you can get into and make it your hobby. Online gambling is one of those. While being a controversial hobby, you still can make yourself entertained by betting. Don’t go too far though, find other hobbies like sports or gaming.


This one is one of the biggest pros of online casinos. The comfort of your home – the best place to play and bet. You do not have to make yourself drive and commute to a physical casino location. You can just start betting while laying down on your sofa. While playing at home, you save a lot of time, which is the most valuable thing that we have.

Bigger Game Choice

Online casinos do have variety of games. When you go to a physical location, land-based casino, there are set of games you can play. That process might be boring. If you are not a fan of a particular game like poker, playing online casino might be for your benefit. While playing online casino, you can switch between games really easily, which will make your betting experience even more exciting.

Variety of Bonuses

Online casinos have better bonuses for their users. The reason behind is that since online casinos are software-based, it is easier for the sites to give off bonuses. If you are a loyal player, or a VIP, some casinos might send you some personalized bonuses as well. In case of land-based casino, you hardly can see such rich bonuses.

Payment Options

Payment options in online casinos are another pro in this category. When playing online, depending on the casino site, you might have hundreds of payment options. Crypto payments get more and more famous among online casinos. Those payments make your betting experience even more secure and private.

Cons of Online Gambling

Regardless of the number of pros that online casinos have, there are some cons as well. You can find the cons of online casinos listed below.

Withdrawal Times

Withdrawal times of online casinos are believed to be one of the cons. You might play and win money, but the thing is that the withdrawal might take hours, even days. You always need to look at the rules and regulations of online casinos before playing. Withdrawal rules might be too vague, and they might be able to keep your money for longer than you thought.

Sketchy Casinos

Since it is relatively easier to base an online casino, there are scams as well. Since virtually everyone can create an online casino and buy the certifications, the probability of scam casinos gets high. Make sure to do your research before registering in a new and unknown online casino.

No Interaction with Other Players

When playing in online casino, you do not have access to talk to other people. Sometimes people go to land-based casinos because they want human interaction. When you are playing online casino, it is you and your phone. Lack of human touch is considered to be a con for online casinos.

Too Convenient

This point is especially for those who get addicted too easily. This is a weird con, however, for those whom online gambling might cause harm this con really makes sense. Because it is too convenient to play online casino, people might catch up with unnecessary addictions.

Pros of Land-based Casinos

We have mentioned so many pros for online casino, but there definitely are pros for land-based casino as well. Keep reading for some pros of land-based casinos.

The Whole Experience

The whole experience of land-based casinos is another level. When you go to land-based casino, you see many things, the atmosphere, the people. Those factors make betting experience exceptional. If you have been to land-based casino, for example in Las Vegas, you know what we are talking about.

Social Interaction

Social interaction a big thing in land-based casinos. When you are in land-based casinos, there are so many people you can have fun time with them. It is a crucial point for some people to have friends and even random people over. In land-based casinos, people make the experience fun and interesting.

Free Drinks

When you are playing at land-based casinos, you are disclosed to many perks. One of those perks is free drinks. For especially VIP players, there are so many free snacks and drinks one can get benefit from. If you are into fancy stuff, those perks are for you.

Cons of Land-based Casinos

Of course, in line with some benefits, there are many cons as well. Read through the cons and figure out if those are actually cons for you in comparison with online casinos.


It is a no brainer to state that land-based casinos are inconvenient. When we compare it to online casinos, we see an obvious difference. In case of online casino, you don’t have to move from your space, as mentioned before. But in case of land-based casinos, you have to dress up, pick a time, and commute to the land-based casino. Those things make the whole experience inconvenient.

Open Only During Business Days

Land-based casinos are usually open during business days, and hours. In comparison with online casinos, you have to pick the right time to go to the land-based casino. While you can decide to play online casino whenever you want, just like that, from the comfort of your own.

Limited Game Selection

In land-based casinos, there is no big variety of game selection. Because of the limited casino space, it is physically impossible to place more than some number of games. If you are into changing games very quickly, limited game selection can be a real struggle and inconvenience for you.

No Privacy

Whenever you go to a land-based casino, you are disclosed to be seen by many people, at least to those who are in that casino building. If you don’t want people to know that you are actively betting, or something, you should avoid visiting land-based casinos. In that case, online casinos are best fit for you.

Limited Payment Options

Since there is no digital format in land-based casinos, you won’t be able to pay with the payment methods mentioned a few paragraphs prior. If you don’t want to play with cash, or want to play with crypto, land-based casinos are not for you.

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